Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Year in Review, Part 3: The Everyone Else Edition

Last recap post for 2013! It'll be nice to actually blog in real-time once these are done.

First, I made knee socks for my first San Diego friend. I'm trying to get her hooked on knitting too, so I looked at Hannah's Socks as a gateway drug. I took a legwarmer pattern and added some calf shaping and a foot. I don't have any good pictures of the pair after they were finished, but this picture of the back of the leg shows the shaping I added in. I was pretty proud of how I worked it out to stay pretty much in pattern.

These Kalajoki socks were intended to be for me, but once I finished them they were a little too tight. The yarn bled like crazy on my skin while I was knitting, so I didn't feel like fixing them right away. That worked out well because I ended up going to B's parents' house for Christmas. Guess whose mom ended up getting a pair of handknit socks?

Finally, I made my second hat! The pattern for the Scallop Lace Hat called for size 10 circulars and DPNs, but the largest size I had was an 8 so I just used those. The hat ended being tighter than intended, but I think it's cute. Since I have a weirdly large head and don't really wear hats anyway, I'm putting this in my newly-started "gift basket".

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